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Quote: Originally Posted by 8051 View Post
The original System Shock had a much more developed back story than even Half Life. The Quake 2 story line isn't even comparable. The original System Shock even had a timed difficulty mode where you had to finish the entire game (i.e. defeat Shodan) within a certain amount of time or Shodan would wipe out most of earth's population. One of the harder difficulty modes removed the re-spawn chambers. I'm not sure if you could quick save in the original System Shock either. The user interface of the original game was klunky in the extreme. It was a revolutionary game for its time, but obviously not anymore.
System Shock 1 used a more advanced version of the Ultima Underworld 2 Engine, as far as I remember.
Yes you could save anywhere. Games back then had unlimited saves.

Also, you did NOT have a time limit on the easy and normal difficulty levels. ONLY on hard difficulty (and the one above hard) was there a time limit (7 hours).
Obviously, this wasn't intended for new players.
I also don't remember if this time limit could be extended by hacking.
Pretty sure the highest difficulty level removed respawning, so it was time limit and no chambers.

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