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Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
Will see how it compares to other pastes when 3rd party independent tests are done. There are plenty pastes on market at decent prices even. Differences between pastes are minimal for the most part.
Agreed on the latter; as to the former.. who do you trust?

The one forum native, famous for his reviews, that once pitted a 140 fan along with 120s for a "review"? The other forum native that cannot even grasp why some fans have two Wattages specified in the back? And without that stopping him, ever, from posting 'review' after 'review'? Tom's Hardware, that does indeed review pastes yearly, but also advises to pre-order because 'it just works'? Teenager sites like Vortez comparing a TR4 cooler to a 30euro 2066 socket one? Some Youtube channel perhaps, in between RGB bling show-off breaks?
Wondering out loud here, not trying to goad you or anything; you really know of anyone, do please mention? Have honestly lost any interest in watching/reading them all.. just dunno, barely if ever worth the time. Good for discussion and i will mention them all, don't get me wrong, but trust them? Nope, not again

(thanks to a lot of you folks here, i know better by now)

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