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Quote: Originally Posted by Hwgeek View Post
He gave this fail attempt 4.5/5 score vs 3.5/5 for 2990WX since it was expensive!

Clearly you didn't read his review.

He stated, that because in his eyes, professionals who need such a CPU, might be less sensitive to price, and considering the pros vs cons, and the benefits over the TR, he gave it a 4/5 (not 4.5 from what I can see).
He did not give it higher score because it is expensive.
He even stated that in some cases, TR is a hassle that requires reboots to switch between settings sometimes, that he see as a con.

He even stated that in his 2999x review.

But the unique design has its caveats. You need to have specific workloads in mind able to exploit the 2990WX's massive resources.
That means to him, it is less user friendly than what he expect from a workspace higher core count CPU.

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