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Quote: Originally Posted by tatmMRKIV View Post
I initially typed alot more than this but you have some sort of mental issue so thatd be a waste of my time to have to respond to another completely ridiculous post where you have materially misunderstood my post. I have not “spread” anything. In the whole of my PC experience mouse crap is so low on my list of french seals that i give.... i heard what you said about having a bias toward using ingame sensitivity. Did it... awesome.. runnin 2k with .75 x .73y. Still dialing it in... still using multiple dpi settings in the 6k range for menus and desktop, and in the lower range for games.

Im just gonna go back to building my z390 dark, cherry picked 9900k, cherry picked bdie, oc platform. And building out my hardline for my rtx 2080ti. XP

Dude, literally, take your meds.

Quote: Originally Posted by numberfive View Post
you said you have a medical condition that does not allow you to use reasonable dpi range. I did not realize it was the mental one.
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