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Quote: Originally Posted by mattliston View Post
1080 is still a great card, and does 4k gaming fairly well.

Have you thought about repasting it for possibly better temperatures, and overclocking it some more?

MSI Afterburner allows using the curve clocking feature to get more out of it, plus if you tap "L" after clocking a point on the curve, it locks the card to that voltage and frequency.

This trick allowed me to lock in 2088mhz and 1.1 volts on my 1080 TI, and its far more stable than 1.075 volts 2012mhz for some reason. I dont like being on the EDGE of stability, hence why Im running higher voltage.

But my gigabyte Aorus card has never seen above 55*C when the fans are at 100% (and silent by the way, great card)

In my opinion, unless you plan to buy an expensive high refresh rate 4K monitor, your 1080 card is going to work GREAT for you for at least a couple more years.

Get some time out of your purchase!! Have some fun gaming and think about it.
I agree the 1080 is a great card still, I'm just looking for more performance. I don't have a 4k monitor but have a ultrawide 3440x1440 120hz. I currently have a EVGA 1080 FTW Hybrid, and recently I've been considering including my GPU into my CPU's custom water loop. And I figured if I have to take apart my 1080 hybrid I might as well upgrade, Which is why I'm considering a 2080 ti.

I haven't messed with the overclock much on my 1080. I tried a few times but the improvement wasn't much. I was using the EVGA Precision X software, not MSI Afterburner. But sounds like you got good results out of MSI's software, I'll have to give it a try. I'm still new to overclocking.

I might in the future buy a high end 4k monitor when the time comes. I mostly play single player games and will play multiplayer games occasionally, so graphics are more important for me than fps. And like I said my 1080 works great, but there are a few games in which it can struggle (modded skyrim). But overall I just kinda want to upgrade to the newest tech, but had concerns with it's reliability.
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