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Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
5.8c isn't terrible, although your graph looks like temps keep slowly rising for quite a time before equalizing .. like 2/3rds of the way under load before stable maximum temp is reached.

I do agree with 'less is better'. Good cooling is having optimized airflow and that does not mean more fans. More often than not 2-4 well placed fans will give the best airflow and thus the lowest temps and noise. And yeah, a good air cooled setup is easily as good as liquid cooling .. unless it's a custom loop costing many times as much.

Where is this airflow dead spot?
Hi doyll, sorry, for late respose, too much work this week.
"Dead spot" as i call it is on top near front, its not in air path from both front (that is mostly sucked by noctua) and gpu.

Other spots tested rise temperatures much more, like right after noctua, and near gpu, but those quickly drop after the load is reduced, indicating its blow by the intake air.

Just to add how bad things are here today: my car was reporting 41C ambient temperature while i was going to office. Street termometers were reporting 37-38C. Its just insanely hot.
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