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Quote: Originally Posted by speed_demon View Post
I searched a bit to see what it looked like and it looks like it's called "Aorus".

The design is definitely a big compromise and looks to be aimed at making a quiet cooling solution. It almost looks like even minor GPU sag could cause twisting of the fan frame leading to blade interference and cooling failure.

I suspect many owners of these will be sending their cards back or looking up tutorials on how to disable and remove the middle fan. For a high end GPU it's utter nonsense to have these sort of issues.
Good shout, I tend to spell that one wrong :/

Yeah it looks like the Sag could be an affecting force on the fans. I was actually using the GPU support poles that came with the cards as well, but alas the issue still prevailed. I can certainly see what GB were trying to achieve with this design but I would argue that the gains were minimal (Looking at my typical load temperatures vs other cards I have had) and all they did was increase the risk of failure. I would image overall they are getting a lot of RMA grief over this, one can only hope that with their next model of Aorus GPU that they take a good backward step and have realistic clearance between the fans.

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