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Hi guys

unfortunatly Jpmboy stop to help me on the steps he give me to follow. here https://www.overclock.net/forum/5-in...l#post27827150 maybe because my bad english and dont understand the techincal instruction as fast he hope. or my possible attitude resulting of my stupidity to buy those 4x 4600mhz not compatible with my motherboard for an crazy price... i dont know but he was already nice to help me to this level and understand some parts who will make the work more easy for who want to help me to finbish this overcloking

can you please tell me what to do next or even restart all if you think is neceassary to finish this overcloking ? i realy need to finish this overclocking to continue my project who is blocked actualy because that since many days.

realy need to finish this OC
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