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If not well versed in memory overclocking, it's always wise to purchase a kit a notch or two below the maximum validated frequency. Moreover, not all CPU will be able to achieve 4600MHz. At this point, you're going to be better off settling for a more realistic frequency. Not only that, but the timings required for unconditional stability at these speeds offset the performance advantage. It's better to tune timings between 3600-4000K. Also, the Extreme is only validated to 4400Mhz, I honestly don't think you'll be able to achieve what you're looking for without a two DIMM board.

Quote: Originally Posted by Dillmiester View Post
Turn off Maximus tweak I believe its in thhttps://www.overclock.net/forum/editpost.php?do=editpost&p=27837264e memory presets at the bottom when you get inside that will loosen your timings quite a bit and from there you can tighten them.

On my freinds Hero you leave System Agent and VCCIO at auto they will raise pretty significantly automatically in relation to the frequency so setting them manually might leave you with too little.
When in the OPs situation enabling Maximus Tweak Mode 2 can help with certain modules/kits. When on the fringe of stability, it can help to set TRP one clock higher than tRCD, too.

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