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yes and very dificult for me to understand english but i do my best focusing on the actual topic... is an international forum here and english is not teach as first language in all the shool of the world. and even we learn english in good condition we need to pratice it.

when we hear someone from usa or uk trying to speak french we are indulgent and trying to help. we tralk with him in easy way with simple words with easy gramatical to help him to understand us. of course not everybody is kind. but what i mean we are on internet and in a forum where people from all the world coming here. not every body understand all in english. not everybody have the best knowledge in oc memory or cpu but we are here to helping each other and for me to put away critics who is negatif and dont help.

thank you for your nice answer about the 9900k delid i make but you wrote that after who for me is not nice after you repeat me like 3 times i make an mistake to buy those memory "...but buying 4600 mhz RAM kits is seriously a HUGE waste of money unless you are a professional overclocker. That cash can go to something nice like a VERY nice case upgrade or something that will make you far happier."

My friend i know i lost alot of money here is no sence to repeat me that 3 times is better to focus of what it can help me and make me happy and not sad regarding like 1200 euros i put in trash... who i can use not to buy an computer part but to pay some bills of everydays....

hope my answer was not negative and you dont take bad anything of what i was trying to say but here i need help not repeating/listening i was wrong this again i know

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