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Quote: Originally Posted by Knoxx29 View Post
The Maximus XI Apex and Maximus XI Gene support 4600MHz Ram Kits, that been said, it could be possible.

AGAIN.... AFAIK (which is alot).... NO BOARD WILL RUN 4 sticks at 4600 xmp....

also just gonna say this.. you are way better buying lower mhz sticks with super tight timings and trying to OC them to whatever XMP you want. B-die is SUPER overclockable.

Quote: Originally Posted by Falkentyne View Post
Yep this is what I said.
@Fraizer did a good job delidding his 9900k, that was well done, but buying 4600 mhz RAM kits is seriously a HUGE waste of money unless you are a professional overclocker. That cash can go to something nice like a VERY nice case upgrade or something that will make you far happier.

Stick with 4133-4266 mhz sticks, folks.
even as a PRO OCer these sticks are junk. No pros really out there usin RGB ram, Im not even sure this pcb is a good layout for XOC, I couldnt get crap out of mine. No oc info for mobo tho so I can't say for certain.
either way I think theres better out there for pros... maybe if you want to buy 10 kits and bin them but I dont feel em

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