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I still have not given up on this project, it just takes quite a while, mainly because a lot of it is disassemble, paint/mod, assemble - and that alone takes tons of time...
Beside that there is still a job to deal with, a family and some stuff because we own a house, so everything takes time.
I think its about time you guys get a proper update.

One of the things I have done, is to disassemble one of the graphics cards and change thermal pads - and that alone was surely about time!

The blue ones are the new ones, I switched out one pad before I took the picture, oops.

This graphics card is pretty insane...
MATRIX-HD7970-P-3GD5. Disassembled and its build like a tank!

No matter all the work, it was sure worth it.

By the way, I still dont know if any of the hardware is faulty. But I have taken the chance and installed the best old-school CPU I have laying around, I just hope the BIOS can handle it without a BIOS flash.

I even lapped it as it was not really equally flat in all corners.

I guess my luck with hardware is greater than most, have not really been measuring a lot in this build, I just wing it, and see here how close it was that the CPU block would not fit, damn.

Seriously, there is 1mm of space!

It is after all an AIO, så the tank is build into the rad, but it was too boring.
The build is car inspired, so I have wrapped the rad in gold heat shield like you do with engine parts on track cars.

I dont know when next update will come, by now this build is more art than practical, so its even a surprise to me if it actually runs when I first time turn it on... but honestly, at this point I dont really care if it dont, its just pretty to look at.

See ya!

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