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Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
Nice work!
Is it safe to assume the air temp into D15S was monitored and the same for both NF-A15 and TY-143 test runs?
All tests were done with in a 4 hour window in a test bench, ambient temp was 17C (i checked a couple of times during the 4 hours and remain there).

Quote: Originally Posted by doyll View Post
I'm surprised TY-143 didn't do better.
I would say it did really good, as a matter of fact berely any gains of adding more than TY143. The problem is the noise, @2500rpm dominates any noise in the room, i prefer taking the 2C with dual NF-A15.

Im going to re do some testing, as i just got a AsRock Z390 Taichi Ultimate, probably not all, but i can retest the dual NF-A15 vs the single TY143 if you wish (or any other combo you might be interested). Im mostly trying to see if i can get away with Prolimatch Genesis with 2x TY143, to keep the Gskill TridentZ 3200CL14, or move toward the NH-D15S with Corsair LPX 3200CL16, but last time i did the testing went above 90C, but will see, maybe over the weekend i do the testing.

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