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Quote: Originally Posted by VicsPC View Post
Yup i'm not a fan of DDU. AMDcleanup even cleans the registry now so im fine using that. I uninstall, run ccleaner (which amd seems to be doing on its on now anyways and in safe mode), then restart with my ethernet unplugged so windows doesnt try to install something (i used to have issues with bitdefender bugging out my installs and that was the fix), then reinstall. I have not had any issues since. I do sometimes have my wattman settings reset then it gets to 800mhz but resetting radeon to factory fixes that.
Yep, unplugging or disabling ethernet adapter in Win10 is a must.

Going to have to disagree with DDU though. Always end up with issues when I don't use it in crossfire configs, including AMD's new "clean uninstall". So I always use the clean uninstall and DDU right after to clear any leftovers. Found out the hard way when I originally built my system 2 months ago.

Nevertheless, installed 19.1.2 again & all is smooth sailing.

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