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Quote: Originally Posted by VicsPC View Post
Well as long as it works that's good. Windows has been a buggy mess with AMD drivers for me, once in a while i get a pcibus or something like that needs to restart to install.
Yeah, I noticed that too.

Quote: Originally Posted by WannaBeOCer View Post
The Vega VII doesn't have crossfire support.

Neither did the 16GB Frontier or Vega at launch.

Nevertheless, you don't need crossfire for DX12 Multi-GPU, which more & more games are starting to add (:

In fact, the majority of games I'm playing right now are exclusively multi-gpu. With Battlefront II (was added later), SOTTR, GOW4 & SE4 mainly taking up my time ATM. Nearly 99% scaling @ 4K= amazeballs. Strange Brigade is next up on my list once a sale hits.

Can't wait to order my pair Thursday! So excited.

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