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Quote: Originally Posted by WannaBeOCer View Post
Thanks for the correction, yes AMD confirmed Vega 64 crossfire before launch. While the Vega VII they confirmed won't be supported.

The same thing will eventually happen again. When a company says "not at the moment", it means, complain enough on Reddit and we'll enable DX11 & below profiles for crossfire on the VII. Otherwise you're left with Multi-GPU on newer games, which I'm 100% content with. The option of crossfire (in this case it originally showed multi-gpu as the option until it was changed a few drivers later to "crossfire") showed up no matter what w/ two cards at launch, which included when Vega didn't even have "supported" crossfire drivers. So it would link the cards as one (for DX12). It's whether AMD wants to allow the DX11 profiles to work on said cards. Otherwise your stuck with DX12 multi-gpu, which again I'm 100% content with. Shoot, we even got our first Vulkan Multi-GPU game this past year which coincidentally also has a DX12 Multi-GPU mode as well.

I'll post some benchmarks soon enough. Still deciding if I'm going to tear down my loop & run them on air temporarily, or wait for the first water blocks.

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