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1080ti Aorus Voltage

Hi All.
Just wondering if someone can shed some light on whats going on with my gpu.
As of late regardless of what i do to the voltage slider in Afterburner, Precision XOC or Aorus Engine the card will NOT go to 1.093v like it used to
It will only occasionally go to 1.075v.
I have so far DDU'd and reinstalled the driver.
Reinstalled Aorus Engine
Clean Uninstall and reinstall afterburner (using revo uninstaller)

The GPU is also on water too with temps never exceeding 43c.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: after a little playing around i can get it to 1.093 by adjusting the 1.093 voltage point up in the curve, this didn't happen in the past though. I used to be able to just max core voltage and power limit and go for gold on the clock adjustment

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