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Quote: Originally Posted by Undervolter View Post
Go figure... Well, one of the reasons i chose the 2600 over the 1700 (almost same price), is that i thought i 'd have less troubles with the 2600 and no desire for overclocking.

I mean, this is stock Ryzen 2600 with just the normal PB2. It's not bad at all! It runs over 3.6Ghz most of the time, while keeping at 65W. That's plenty good for me!


At least people with X470 can have both good VRM and BIOS. But, to me, X470 is just a waste of money, since i will never do wild overclocks. And in B450 you have either good VRM with BIOS bugs (MSI) or crappy VRM with less bugs (Gigabyte, Asrock) or crappy VRM with no bugs (ASUS) After having lived with Gigabyte BIOS bugs in the FX, i think i made the right choice, since how bad can the MSI be at stock...

Good luck for your overclocking. However, there is still some hope, since i read MSI in late December came out with new BIOSes that support vcore offset, so it seems they are still trying to improve their BIOS. You never know... Although, usually, when a new motherboard chipset comes out, they stop improving the previous ones. It reminds me a bit the situation with my AM2+ motherboard, that would lose Cool N Quiet, as soon as you touched something. This changed in AM3+ motherboards. Something similar will probably happen with AM4+, which will have the most perfected BIOS.
In my case the 2600 it's just a step from my old 1150 platform to the Ryzen 3000. This is why I bought a good x470 mobo, to sell the 2600 and buy those news Zen2 at the end of the year. If not, I would have done the same as you, a good B450 + 2600.

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