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Quote: Originally Posted by rul3s View Post
In my case the 2600 it's just a step from my old 1150 platform to the Ryzen 3000. This is why I bought a good x470 mobo, to sell the 2600 and buy those news Zen2 at the end of the year. If not, I would have done the same as you, a good B450 + 2600.
I see. I don't buy/sell used parts. My old parts go for free to 2 relatives of mine for office PCs and to a friend, so basically what i buy, gives no return and i have never overclocked for daily use past stock clock of a higher model, so i don't have use for X470. If i wanted at some point to get the 16c Ryzen of 3rd or 4th gen, i would have to get x470, since i think they will be 105-125W TDP. But i intend to stay max 95W TDP, 65W actually if i can help it, so B450 should be fine.

I should have waited for Ryzen 3000 in all honesty, but i got tired waiting and i think B550 motherboards, will need at least another 6 months before they become widely available, at the best case. So i 2000 now and i will probably get a 4000 when it gets EOL and probably i will get a 650 AM4+ motherboard by then and keep the B450 as backup.

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