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Quote: Originally Posted by CelticGamer View Post
I really do think Ryzen overclocking is sensitive to temps. I spent a lot of time trying to get my 2700X stable at 4.2ghz on my MSI X470 Pro Carbon. I noticed that at 1.425V, it would pass Cinebench runs all day long, but only if I let the CPU cool in between runs. I believe it was around 68 to 70 degrees is where it would crash.

Finally, out of frustration, I just gave up trying to get it stable, as it required more voltage than I was comfortable with. I simply undervolted it, enabled PBO and just let it do it's thing.

I'm on a Corsair H60 with push pull fans at max speed, which does just fine for gaming loads, but not ideal for overclocking. Maybe one day if I get a better cooler I will try again to see if I can get a stable 4.2ghz.
Awesome...well, not for you but for ME and my sanity. What you describe is what I have encountered. Having it freeze is the most maddening thing, too. You have no idea what caused that freeze: was it memory? CPU voltage? SoC? Something else? MAYBE A BUG?! LOL... wouldn't THAT suck.

I am indeed having all the trouble in the world with getting anything other than XMP Profile 1 (2933) to work. I tried your tRTP @Saiger0 , and while it might have fixed one problem, there is another and more that are keeping me from error-free test runs.

So I am sticking with 4.3 @ 2933 with 1.38 (I'll see if I can get that down, too). That gets me a 1948 which is plenty, considering the grief I have been through and will have to continue to "improve." FWIW anything over 1935 is "good enough" in my book.

EDIT: Ah I forgot this link: https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/amd/ryzen_7/2700x It would seem that Double Rank 4 of 4 is only 1866??? I am lucky to get 2933? Another reason to sit tight, especially with the score. Kinda sucks that I spent so much money on 3300 that I won't use, though. Doh.

Memory: HX433C16PB3K4/64 @ 3000 14-16-14-17-28 1.3v / CPU: 2700x Ryzen @ 4.275 1.375v & 1.025 vSoC / Motherboard: msi x470 Gaming Pro / Power Supply: 650w Snow Silent / HDs: 250gb Samsung 970, 500gb Samsung 970, 4x 500gb 850 Samsung EVO (1tb mirror RAID).

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