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High end memory kit - Overclock scaling?

I am working on a stable 24/7 memory clock. I bought a high end Trident Z 4000c17 17 17 37 2T kit (2x8gb). I had high expectations that i could either push frequency much higher or timings a good bit lower. So far not having a great deal of luck. I presume its samsung Bdie

Im using memtest86 version 8.1 boot from USB in bios which seems to be the most accurate and recommended way of finding errors. Memtest64 in windows does not. Aida 64 benchmark doesnt either.

Ive managed to get 4000mhz c16 16 16 37 2T no errors. i set Dram to 1.49v as im happy to run that daily. VCCCIO and VCCSA to 1.27v.

I can boot windows and run games and stress tests fine with 4133 c16 16 16 36 but memtest86 finds errors so doesnt seem like it would be a good daily clock.

I have tried pushing 4200mhz and over but cant seem to get a boot. even up to ridiculous timings eg 20 20 20 40 2T. Is this just the limit of my memory controller?

Any tips to help me get either higher frequency or lower timings?

Cpu: 9900k 5ghz all core
MB: Maximus XI formula
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