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No graphical difference between 4K and 1440p?

So I am trying to play Ace Combat 7 on my GTX 780. Yeah I know old GPU. So on 4K it struggles to hit 40 fps and thats with despite lowereing the settings. SO I reluctantly went down to 1440p and braced for the worst. Mind you this is on a 55" 4k OLED TV. What i saw surprised me. The scale of the game to my screen seemd the same as 4k. The only thing that looked blown up was the Rivertuner stats on my upper left corner showing me my fps and temps.

I thought playing the game in 4K would result in a more pixelated experience but I noticed that was not the case. I even briefly went up close to my TV instead of the 4 feet I seat from it and didn't really see a differnce. whats up with that?
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