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You can put the hard-drive in the freezer overnight if there are bearings which are failing - but doing so is DESTRUCTIVE and you'll be able to get some data before it fails completely. This should be used as a LAST RESORT.

If it is the actual PCB, you can sometimes find another drive which has failed but the PCB is good ( MUST BE EXACT ).

First step - make a list of everything you need off the drive in case you are working on a time limit. Copy the most important stuff first, then other stuff afterwards.

If you have access to a hardware clone-machine, sometimes this is the way to go.

If you want to debug what's wrong... There is software called mdisk or something m which should be on hiren's boot disk and others... That will scan every sector of the drive and tell you what is bad. Anything 500ms or over is bad, usually healthy is 150ms or under. Xs mean bad sector...
In some cases there can be a LOT of Xs which causes the drive to fail but you can delete those from the accessibility table to prevent the drive from reading / writing to those sectors, ever... It is a destructive option, but can allow the drive to be used longer.

MHDD, that's it... It is one of the best tools available... But make sure you copy the important data first - because the destructive scan can corrupt some data if sectors are removed which have data on it but are only slow ( you can set what to delete... do the scan first to see where you are at.. but I usually delete 500ms or X if there are not a lot of them - or lower ms sectors such as 250 if the drive isn't full of them )...
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