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Quote: Originally Posted by Saiger0 View Post
your 4.3 ghz with 1,38V is NOT stable if its still crashing after just 2 cinebench runs. Try running prime95 (large fft´s) for 1 hour instead.
Agreed! I finally found the source of all my ails: putting the clock speed on anything past 4.275. Doing this speed + 2933mhz DRAM overclock allowed me to finally run Cinebench however many times I needed to do so. This allowed me to finally try different settings and pull samplings from Cinebench (running 5 times).

So using this, I was able to settle on vCore 1.37. I do have this on LLC1 which yields 1.38 under load.

Cinebench scores are 1948-1952 which is what I was angling around.

Also good news is that I was able to drop down to 1.35 vCore no problem @ 4.275 clock speed, but this yielded 1930 scores.

So now I will ruminate/research a little more to find out if the extra voltage is worth it. It's more of a psychological thing at this point.

Oh, I should also mention that I was able to bump up my DRAM to 3000, and with the Ryzen Calculator get the timings down to: 14-16-14-17-28. SoC is at .9875.

Running MemTest now to make sure the memory is OK with this. Then I will look into Prime95.

EDIT: Attaching my Ryzen Calculator Memory profile for more context.
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Memory: HX433C16PB3K4/64 @ 3000 14-16-14-17-28 1.3v / CPU: 2700x Ryzen @ 4.275 1.375v & 1.025 vSoC / Motherboard: msi x470 Gaming Pro / Power Supply: 650w Snow Silent / HDs: 250gb Samsung 970, 500gb Samsung 970, 4x 500gb 850 Samsung EVO (1tb mirror RAID).

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