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IMO the Problem with this card is not performance, it is price.

At the same cost as a 2080, the 2080 on avg is a better performer and has more features.

Though I think RTX and DLSS, and all the new assistant cores nvidia added (rtx/ai/etc), are mostly useless for most people and are just not ready for the main stream. Nothing wrong with having them, but we all know that the next generation with those cores will be the first real usable versions.

Kinda like when Pixal Shader 3 came around. The GTX6000 series had it, but by the time games came out that actually used the tech. The Cards were underpowered.

The VII in the long run, with future driver updates, will no doubt be equal to a 2080. But at the same price point and the fact is uses more power (which is something I never worried about in the first place). The card just isn't a killer deal. If it wasn't for the high cost of HBM this card would have been a big success for AMD.

HBM has done nothing more than hurt AMD IMO. AMD should have stuck to 512bit memory bus and GDDR. The cost of HBM just isn't where it needs to be.
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