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Quote: Originally Posted by looniam View Post
i don't know anymore. years ago i was adamant about clean installs every 6 months.

but about a year ago i had to trouble shoot my rig and swapping in a junk h61 made UEFI booting a no-go so a clean install of windows 7 in legacy mode i go.

after a few months of swapping out what spare components i had, psu, cpu, ram and gpu i swapped the mobo back and then after a week upgraded to W10. that was a good 8-9 months ago and haven't really felt the need to clean install in UEFI mode. my rig runs 24/7 so boot shutdown is not a concern for me.

i feel so dirty.
Windows 8.1 and 10 are not prone to loose performance as Windows 7 was as the install ages. I'm running 8.1. Very underrated Os imho once you swap out the start menu.

My system is running as I want it to so all drives relevant to me work. I usually disable the chipset in Device manager and have for the last ~10 years. Everything it needs to run it runs from the bios. Haven't installed the ME/Inf drivers either, they are simply not needed.

Anyways, you seem to confirm my suspicions that it's not really need to reinstall. Thanks!
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