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Quote: Originally Posted by epic1337 View Post
isn't it the opposite of supersampling? in supersampling the screen is rendered at a higher resolution then downscaled with a loose scaler.

while DLSS on the other hand uses a lower resolution then upscaled with a smart scaler.
DLSS doesn't have to use a lower resolution, Nvidia could simply train a neural network to do great AA. When we first heard about it this is what it sounded like. Lower resolution is faster but I bet a neural network could offer great AA quality faster than 4xSSAA working with the full resolution.

Quote: Originally Posted by epic1337 View Post
probably because the render benchmark had predetermined frames, where the trained AI is already aware of what to adjust to make it better.
Yes, but there is only one AI and a lot of frames, so it still has to work well on all the frames with only one set of weights. Nvidia is probably not using a separate neuralnet for each frame.

The variety of frames is still really low compared to a game due to the fixed nature of the benchmark, but it is more a best case for DLSS rather than completely cheating.
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