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Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
You could replace the DX library as many graphics enhancing and modifying tools do and then upscale with any scaler you want.

Game devs don't care to add "fancy" features for edge use cases so it's up to modders as always. Would be stupid simple to do on GPU driver but they also always seem to have hands full of something else.

As UltraMega said, AI AA for a fixed benchmark is a best case scenario, period. Yet on top of that they had to resort to using the worst TAA, well the worst any AA, they could for comparison.
Quote: Originally Posted by epic1337 View Post
wait, really? this is good info, i wish they just gave us an option to natively select scalers.
I don't know of any DX overriders that can do this in DX10+. GeDoSaTo was capable of providing custom upsampling in DX9 games, but it has been abandoned. The developer of ReShade (Crosire) has stated that it's not possible to do this with his utility.

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