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Quote: Originally Posted by Defoler View Post
Are you high?
Did you read what I wrote?
Did I say otherwise than what you said?

Also again, what you said, is a complete simplification of what they do, which you are definitely not correct. Just calling it a local upscaler is like saying bread is just wheat, nothing more.
You did not say that outright but the way you said it sounded like that might have been what you were thinking. I just wanted to clarify. That said, yes, it is a local upscaler, one that uses information derived from Nvidias DLSS process. It could be used in other ways but nothing does yet. The only thing up for debate is your level of bewilderment by Nvidia's process. To me, it's not a bad idea or anything but not nearly as impressive as Nvidia want's us to believe.

But be offended though if you must.

Watch Dogs 2, though not a great game, does have at least one pretty cool feature. The game calls it temporal filtering for some reason but basically Watch Dogs 2 allows for checker-boarding on PC which (as someone who played Watch Dogs 2 on PC in 4K) is completely undistinguishable from non checker-boarding 4K and runs at double the FPS. Your eyes cannot see the negative effects of checker-boarding in motion, only in stills and even then it's tough to see. DLSS is a nice AA option, as are many others, but its not even close to as good as just plain old checker-boarding is. If more games on PC had that option we wouldn't even be talking about DLSS. It takes way too much to get going, Nvidia has to data mine the info for a while first, then your GPU needs to have separate non-raster capable cores to process it. It's a super inefficient way of doing something that checker-boarding does better.


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