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i7-9700k @ 5.1GHz

Here's my i7-9700k overclock for 5.1GHz
  • ASRock Z390 Taichi motherboard
  • 5.1GHz
  • Noctua NH-D15 air cooler with dual fans
  • AVX offset -2 (to keep temps down)
  • Adaptive voltage with +35mv offset
  • Stress test is Prime95/Blend both with and without AVX instructions enabled
  • Observed VRVout voltages 1.328-1.391V without AVX load, 1.289-1.400V with AVX load
  • VCCIO = 1.18V, VCCSA 1.18V
  • Ran Prime95/Blend both with and without AVX instructions enabled
  • Max core temperatures, 92C without AVX, 100C with AVX
  • Cache multiplier at 45

Success at 5.1GHZ

After running at 5.0 for awhile (that profile is earlier in the thread), I decided to push things to see what I could do at 5.1GHz. It took +60mv offset on adaptive which results in 120mv more peak voltage to get stable at 5.1 vs. 5.0 which is a combination of the additional offset required for stability and the additional VID requested by the processor. And, consequently, the temperatures are almost 10C higher (with my air cooling). VRVout Voltages with no AVX were 1.328-1.391V. You can see how this chip takes a bunch more voltage just to get an additional 0.1GHz.

At an adaptive voltage of +30mv (no AVX), I would see Prime95 report errors (no BSOD, but not correct results). So, it needs at least the above +35mv to be stable. Temperatures are definitely higher than one would want for any sort of real use at this load (probably just the limits of air cooling).

Fail at 5.2GHz

I tried 5.2GHz. At an adaptive voltage of +60mv which resulted in about 1.406V on VRVout, Windows will boot and Prime95/blend will startup, but 1 worker gets an error in the first minute and I know temperatures would be unacceptable even at this voltage so I did not try raising the voltage even more to try to get stability.

[email protected] (-1 AVX offset) on ASRock Z390 Taichi with Noctua NH-D15 air cooler
CPU offset voltage of -25mv, runs VRVout 1.240-1.313V on full AVX load, 1.225-1.275V on non-AVX load
2x8GB [email protected] at 1.45V, G.Skill F4-3733C17Q-32GTZKK (XMP rated [email protected])
EVGA GTX 1060 6GB OC with Corsair RMx 750W power supply
Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVMe boot SSD and four other drives all in a Fractal Design R6 Case

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