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Quote: Originally Posted by GeneO View Post
How loud was the TY143 running at twice the rpm as the Noctua fans?
NF-A15 fans supplied with coolers are 3/5ths as fast as TY-143.
Noctua NF-A15 on coolers are 1500rpm
but retail NF-A15 are1200rpm.
Only retail NF-A15 that is 1500rpm is chromax.
TY-143 are 2500rpm so not twice as fast.
TY-143 has a nicer sound and is as quiet or quieter than NF-A15 at same speeds (up to 20-25dB @ 1300-1500rpm), but as speed increases from 1500rpm to 2500rpm TY-143 gets progressively louder with a maximum of about 45dB. As a comparison, Hyper 212 Plus is 68dB to Silver Arrow IB-E Extreme 69dB.

Keep in mind if you do use a cooler like Silver Arrow TR4, Silver Arrow IB-E Extreme or any other cooelr with hi-performance fans you need to increase case airflow to match the increased airflow of hi-performance cooler fans. If you do not the cooler will only give you a couple degrees lower CPU temps instead of the 7-10c improvement they are capable of. Reason is if case is not flowing as much cool air to cooler as hi-performance fans need the cooler ends up re-using already heated air to make up for it's additional airflow needs .. and degrees warmer the air into cooler is translates to same degrees hotter CPU will be. It's basically a 1:1 ratio of air temp into cooler to CPU temp, so if room is 23c with stock cooler intake air temp is 26c and CPU 70c @ 100% load @ 1300-1500rpm and we speed cooler fans up to 2500rpm without increasing case airflow the air temp into cooler will rise to about 34c and CPU will only be 66-68c, but is case fans increase case airflow to cooler so cooler is still getting same 26c air the CPU will be something like 58-60c. Numbers are estimates for explaination only. In actual use they will vary some .. and if CPU is not making extreme heat the differences will also be less.

It takes about 3dB difference for our ears to hear a change .. so 1dB is about 1/3rd what is needed for use to hear a difference.

A 10dB increase in dB SPL (Sound Pressure Level) sounds twice as loud to our ears, so when we hear 45dB sounds 4 times as loud as 25dB. But that is just dB of fan by itself. Mount it on a cooler and dB levels go up. How much depends on each coolers' fin design.

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