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Quote: Originally Posted by CravinR1 View Post
I got a R7 1700x + AX370 Gaming for $150 total on black friday. I run my 1700x @ 3.8 ghz with 1.1875v

Much better than stock 2600
That's a great price! I wish we had such deals, but alas, they don't exist... My main concern with 1st gen Ryzen are 1) memory compatibilty (motherboard vendors even have different QVL and for example, on MSI my kit which is compatible for Pinnacle ridge, doesn't even appear on Summit ridge), 2) heat. I saw that stock 1800x, draws 180-200W. 200W is what my [email protected] draws when put on the Asrock 970 Extreme3. On the Gigabyte 970 UD3p, it spikes to 220W. That's a lot of watts for a 4 phase motherboard and i don't want to have to deal again with marginal VRM or with the FX heat generation, especially during summer.

Had i found that combo for 150 euro, i would have bought it too, to be honest and i would have kept it at stock. But, at the end, the Ryzen 2600 will run a bit faster than the 1700x stock vs stock and i don't even do video encoding anymore, so 8 cores would be overkill right now... I will grab a 65W 8c when Ryzene 4000 goes EOL at this point, just to have a last hurrah for Win7, since i doubt that motherboards past 2021 will keep having compatibility for Win7. 4 phase motherboard, 65W, no headaches, plenty for my modest needs.

Nice to see another familiar nickname again.

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