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Quote: Originally Posted by b.walker36 View Post
I mean its most likley they took it out of the fund becuase the expected growth was not there and would hurt their fund.
Any of the tech companies, not matter how old and how rich should ever hear that from an investor.

It does not mean that Nvidia is in trouble.
Not in the immediate future.

They could be but this from what I'm reading in their report doesn't mean too much yet other than they didn't expect enough from nvidia in the future to keep it in one of their funds.
Whatever that I've read about SoftB is that they're smart in investing. When a billionaire who invests in stock for a living says they're not expecting much from Nvidia, the market listens.

They also sold them to someone else so clearly someone thinks there is still value.
Someone profited from buying them this low. There could be future announcement from Nvidia where the stocks could skyrocket, netting the guy millions.

#2 their debt is insane, even for a "diverse field" company. They cannot even afford to service the debt maintenance let alone make an actual dent in the debt itself. - Internet Stranger
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