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Quote: Originally Posted by 8051 View Post
Enterprise do you think Gigabyte's design intention was trying to interleave the fans so they would get better fan coverage over the heatsink?

That would be part of it, but they were also going for an antiturbulence design by having the central fan spin the other way. While that is fine, the issue was A. Tolerances used in the design between each fan & B. Build quality, without taking a part my GPU it was hard to say why the fan was tilting but I would hazard a guess at a bearing issue, but there is definitely something going bad in that area of the card.

Looks like my RMA on both my cards however has gone through ok, fingers crossed. Time for a new model of GPU altogether, going to have to avoid the GB range of GPU's if they keep on using this fan design. I bet they are getting an awful lot of RMA issues from this.

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