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Guess when I upgrade will stick with EVGA, have never had issues with their fans. There was an issue with thermals with my GTX 1070, yet they notified me before I was aware of it. Didn't replace the pads, the BIOS update alone lowered the temps for my usage. Maybe if I were a hardcore gamer, would had swapped the pads. This is why I prefer registering my hardware when possible, honest OEM's will inform customers of widespread issues.

While I forgot the exact model (one of the 79xx GHz editions), once purchased a Gigabyte GPU used from a eBay seller with high ratings (only negatives were shipping) & there was fan rattle within 3 days. The seller (or his supplier) must had tried to fix the fan. He insisted that he didn't do anything & had never ran the card, although to his credit, sent me a prepaid label to return for refund. Had my refund on the same day he received the return.

Purchased my first EVGA GPU afterwards & except for a MSI, have never looked back. Every Gigabyte product I've had ended as junk, beginning with their AM3 MB's (the type with NVIDIA chipset).

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