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Quote: Originally Posted by Firehawk View Post
I'm helping a friend upgrade his PC. He wants to be able to stream games, and edit and post videos. I'm not sure what software he uses.

He's on a tighter budget, but since he only really needs mobo, CPU and ram, my first thought was R5 2600, based on testing by GamersNexus.

When pricing out the build, I noticed that the R7 1700 is only $5 more than the 2600. Assuming average overclocks for both chips (2600 @ 4.1 and 1700 @ 3.9), is the sacrifice of frequency and minor IPC improvements worth the upgrade to 16 threads?

Thanks in advance.
If you are planning to stream games than definitely extra cores gives you a better perfromance. Considering that there is only 5$ difference in Ryzen 2600 and 1700 i will recommend you to go with Ryzen 7 1700
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