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Quote: Originally Posted by Kaltenbrunner View Post
OK so 3.6Bn is not just being pulled back out of Nvidia, it wasn't a loan either, it's stocks, and softbank is selling them to others.

Well I wouldn't want to be at those meetings
I think where the rubber meets the road and this actually hurts Nvidia is in their ability to create and sell new stocks.
I'm assuming that if your stock price is high and demand is unrelenting you can just keep creating new stocks and eat up money from investors.
The danger is if you're desperate and undercut average prices to suck in new investors then stock price goes down and all your old investors hate you because you're supposed to be making stock prices go up, and if enough people see a downward trend and say "This is bad I'm getting out" then you have a crash and your reputation on the stock market is ruined.
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