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All the brands have gone for BLING instead of actually cooling stuff right. Personally I hate it. In the long run all these mobo's will die sooner too. I don't want to void my warranty yet by modding my new z370 mobo, but I really better add a fan or 2 just for the mobo.

My i5-9600k takes a lot of volts aswell, and runs really hot. Someone said it's the cache use in these when running P95 blend that really heats up something too much, and causes throttling, and/or errors.

These big companies love BLING, because then they don't have to sell products on facts or numbers, but pretty designs. And and quicker it wears out in 2-3-4 years, the more they sell.
That mod looks nice, I wish I wasn't a bit afraid of liquidcooling

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