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OK, just flashed to the latest BIOS.

New adjustments are available as pointed out by cssorkinman (also saw cTDP adjustment).

Not touched any of the new adjustments yet.

First will be loading up my known '24/7 stable' settings and doing comparative tests to see if there are any performance/stability differences with the new BIOS.

But before I deluge into that something I noticed straight away and wanted to point that out right now.

On the last BIOS I as on (7A31v1H) and using RTC the

VDDCR_SoC (V) was 1.0188

On the latest BIOS

VDDCR_SoC (V) is 1.0438

Now we dont have options to control this value, and this value is clearly different.

Can anybody confirm they are seeing a similar change in the VDDCR_SoC on the new BIOS.

Im hoping this higher SOC voltage will correct by cold boot issues and allow a higher mem clock!

** EDIT **
Just to clarify
VDDCR_SoC (V) is the CPU-NB voltage. Ive always had it set at 1.05v in the bios

After several reboots the values varies between 1.03x - 1.04x

CPU-NB LLC is on Auto.

Also something I didnt mention (which may be influencing this).

We now have option for using an offset voltage for both CPU and CPU-NB

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