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Quote: Originally Posted by ryan92084 View Post
He's been discussing it off and on since the 30th in the Mayhem's thread. https://www.overclock.net/forum/61-w...l#post27831866

I agree with not liking the trademarking of common works but if Mayhems hadn't done it then a another company would have and it would have left Mayhems defending . Alphacool/Aquatuning/Phobya did exactly that in 2009 and screwed over a bunch of watercooling companies https://www.techpowerup.com/96567/ge...ts-competitors
Yet we can buy all products just fine, what's worse is Asetek in US and a complete lack of anti trust/anti oligopoly/monopoly laws in US.

The problem with patents is that the workers and laws are useless, they will patent anything for a fee, ANYTHING, whether it has some significant invention or not and even if it is a new invention a competitor should be allowed to invent it on their own which does happen quite often in a worldwide setting. Meaning these "patents" should only protect against blatant copying.

Patenting common use words is beyond ridiculous, all that is is lining government's pockets with money for a seat at a court.
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