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I find this to be a really interesting project. I watched Der8auer on YouTube dump dual Epyc server boards into Novec, and even a laptop, but always in an open basin of sorts. I have never seen a dedicated PC system with it.

In fact, I was wondering if I can use Novec in my regular water-cooling setup as the cooling media. Related to that is a quick question: Where do I find out of Novec is compatible with rubber O-rings (i.e. compression fittings), other types of plastic (i.e. LRT tubes or acrylic) and even copper / brass...a loop with Novec on a chiller might be an idea worth pursuing...AFAIK, Novec 7k series has a pour point of up to -100 c (not that a chiller would go that low, but still...).

...looking forward to see your project progress
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