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I find this to be a really interesting project. I watched Der8auer on YouTube dump dual Epyc server boards into Novec, and even a laptop, but always in an open basin of sorts. I have never seen a dedicated PC system with it.

In fact, I was wondering if I can use Novec in my regular water-cooling setup as the cooling media. Related to that is a quick question: Where do I find out of Novec is compatible with rubber O-rings (i.e. compression fittings), other types of plastic (i.e. LRT tubes or acrylic) and even copper / brass...a loop with Novec on a chiller might be an idea worth pursuing...AFAIK, Novec 7k series has a pour point of up to -100 c (not that a chiller would go that low, but still...).

...looking forward to see your project progress
Thanks for the interest in the project!

From my understanding fittings and hard lines that we use today would be ok, as far as compatibility with the chemical, it would not react or degrade them. However the big issue is they would not be able to handle the internal pressure that the Novec solution/gas would put on them. As soon as the gas would build it could raise to ~20-35 PSI. This would literally bust most fittings today. In the design I'm looking to keep it under 15-30 PSI. Submersion is really the best way to utilize the solution. Making sure the condenser can keep up will be the challenge. I would like to add a industrial psi gauge to the top of the tank to monitor it, so the computer can shutdown if the secondary cooling system fails.

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