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Quote: Originally Posted by LancerVI View Post
I like TT. Their cases are pretty good for the price you pay.

Trademarking a word like "Pastel" is beyond ridiculous.

I know everyone loves to hate "ThermalFake", but they provide solid products for reasonable prices, in general. I love my Tower 900. One of the absolute best cases I've ever worked with.
TT has been around for decades with often lower price bracket products but even more pricey ones.
Plus if one wants a case similar to Caselab's what are they going to buy? A Caselab case? LOL was barely available with endless waiting times, people fed up with them constantly until they called it quits despite the company supposedly being in business for decades making industrial cases? Yet few years after making consumer retail available cases they go bust? Thermaltake didn't do them in nor did tariffs, they did themselves in with debt and unable to adapt to a changing market.

Quote: Originally Posted by Diffident View Post
The color Pastel wasn't trademarked, the Product line called "Pastel" was. Mayhems doesn't use "Pastel" to describe the color of the product they sell, "Pastel" is the name of the product.

Would someone be able to build a computer and call it an Apple or Macintosh even though it's a fruit that's existed for thousands of years?
There is a difference between company name as in trying to sell "Apple iMac" and trying to sell a product named apple "Thermaltake Apple" and trying to sell "Thermaltake iMac".

All in all right now with this broken system of trademarks and patents it's all about how much $$$ does a company want to throw at these trademark/patent offices to buy a seat at a court. That's all it is in the end. There is even a whole market for it where companies buy and sell these sort of rights for profit and for the ability to sue someone no matter how vaguely similar it may be to something someone else does. Whole companies exist for this purpose only
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