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Rog Eye, Open Source ROG_EXT adapter

Hi All,
For those that want to play with the ROG_EXT connector I have released a working proof of concept to connect to the ROG_EXT using any dev board, no you dont need the silly adapter from Elmor labs, thats snake oil . Any device that can read i2c will work.

See my github Darkspr1te's ROG EYE

Readme.md has the pinouts known so far, there's more too come that i've not made public yet, thats so users don''t blow up their cpu like i already did once.

We already know there's reset/power available via the connector but i've not implemented that yet due to isolation concerns, USB passthrough is not supported, thats just a HUB on the USB lines anyway and not the purpose of this project.

Switching OC profiles is also not implemented yet, again due to user damage concerns. However by the time the project reaches V1 it will be there.

If there is demand i might even throw together a PCB design so users can hide the lcd anywhere and display/control their boards.

This code also support Intel boards as of current patch.

Happy Overclock Watching

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