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[OC3D]Metro Exodus PC Performance Review - RTX On!

Introduction - 4A Games is Ready to Cook your PC!

The Metro series has long been known for its graphical prowess, especially on PC. Every iteration of the series has been able to push the hardware of their time to their limits, offering graphical features that are designed for graphics cards from a future era.

4A Games prides themselves on their game engine, 4A engine, which was built in-house by many of the minds that created S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s infamous X-Ray engine. Today, the engine offers spectacular visuals on both PC and console hardware, showcasing an incredible level of scalability, particularly on PC.

Today, we will be talking about Metro Exodus, focusing on the game's graphics, performance and the many technical achievements which underpin 4A's latest game.

On the technical side we have DirectX 12 support, DXR (DirectX Raytracing) powered Global Illumination, Nvidia's AI-driven DLSS tech and a variety of graphical options that are sure to take even today's highest-end gaming PCs to their knees.
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- AMD RX Vega 56
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SOURCE if you missed above


GAMERS NEXUS vid for further RTX info/comparison(s):

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