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Quote: Originally Posted by umeng2002 View Post
That's odd since it works in BFV for me without GFE installed.

Maybe they quietly changed their minds, they are masters at that. Or maybe they intend to enforce it later on, but eased the system for these first few titles, given the general backlash against Turing's high prices and lackluster RTX performance, to avoid having people complain about one more walled garden barrier to entry to use the new features, even more so after having waited for so long to see them in action in actual games.

As I said back then when the sites quoted above reported on it, there is no technical reason for Nvidia to require GFE to get the game specific DLSS packages, it's a telemetry and marketing move for them above all. If the DLSS packages are small they can be packed with the game ready drivers like SLI profiles; if they are relatively big, like 100 MB of more (seems more likely), they can be optional downloads from their site next to the drivers or, much more practical and with a lot more sense to it, they can ship the finished package to the game dev and then it gets shipped with the game at launch or as part of an update - people already download several GB's worth of game updates, a DLSS package that is 100-200 MB big is a drop in the ocean.

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