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Quote: Originally Posted by looniam View Post
reality says different, doesn't it? you don't need GFE to use DLSS.

you presented a statement as fact when it is very much wrong. had you bothered to take action yourself instead relying on the same sources you, yourself has criticized, both the press and nvidia, you would have know it to be wrong. i guess its ok to use them as a shield when it fits, eh?

but no, you would rather not following up on anything and instead spread some garbage.

no wonder this sub forum turns into toxic waste water.
He isn't wrong that entire shebang about DLSS, from the onset, was quoted to work through GFE and the details came from the horses mouth. Unless you have source who had confirmed to you while at launch of the RTX series that GFE wouldn't be a pre-requisite for DLSS while the media ran with the article claiming the contrary.

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