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I second the other comments on upgrading the cooler. The main selling point for that 212 was price. It was dirt cheap and way out performed the box coolers. However these new chips run very hot and you'll want to get a better cooler and increase your headroom. There are a lot of really great air coolers on the market. If doyll shows up, he'll give better advice than anyone else here for air coolers.

Since you said you already have the 9600 and the mobo, I'd just start with that. Overclock it and see how far it will go and how it performs in game. Swapping out the mobo before even trying it out seems pointless. However if you insist, the taichi is pretty well respected board.

As for memory, 3000-3600mhz is still the sweet spot for price and performance. Its also alot easier to get stable than those 4000mhz+ kits.

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