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DLSS is in its infancy. Right now it will continue to be restricted to nVidia as a check point to generate revenue and also help with quality control as it is developed. This tech will eventually bleed out into the general market availability for developers, likely with purchasable learning systems. As this system evolves the quality of image upscaling will also increase. The biggest draw to consumers of using DLSS will be to extend the life of compatible parts as games become far more advanced. At its core DLSS is a tech that is here to stay, how AMD will answer this is unknown.

8K Resolution will be devastating to the hardware we have at hand with current limitations in technology for gaming as it gradually moves in the future to towards the mainstream market. This is an issue that nVidia is trying to jump ahead of by creating/using DLSS.

The RTX cards out today are literally only there to get the technology out into the wild, they are not end all solutions to this tech and will never be. Generation to generation of hardware releases there have been technological improvements and instruction sets released well prior to its adoption. This is no different in that theme out side of the fact this is a fundamental physical change to the GPU vs more being scaled into a soft variant.

The reasons stated above are also the same reasons generating the tech hate we are seeing piggy back off of a poor release plan. Be patient and wait it out if you wish to not upgrade, that's fine. But in all honesty, the hate out there is mostly a crap load of people just trying to justify why they wont upgrade components. It is fine if you spent $900 on a inflated priced 1080TI last generation at its peak, you don't need to spend money on a costlier 2080TI, but don't go trying to justify it with hate based on misinformation.

People keep hating on the price of entry for the RTX series, this is understandable as it did scale up. But the consumer also needs to know that the price to manufacture also scaled up. nVidia, like AMD, and Intel etc is not a charity. They do not make these products out of the kindness of their hearts to sell at cost.

While I am no fan of nVidia myself as a business, I do own an RTX card in full disclosure and this is not an attempt to validate the purchase. Honestly, this is no different than the hate AMD seen for targeting the budget markets while developing the new Ryzen chips to be competitive again.
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