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Quote: Originally Posted by UltraMega View Post
I mentioned this in another thread, that Watch Dogs 2 has an option it calls Temporal Filtering which is basically an Ubisoft version of checkerboarding mixed with some AA, and it works extremely well in that game. I know personally I could not tell the difference visually, only that my FPS was a lot higher. Given how good the implimentation worked in that game, I woudn't be surprised if Ubisoft is now using it by default to some extent in some if the newer titles, because I don't know why they wouldn't at least have it as an option in newer games unless they believe their implimentation of it is so good that it should be used all the time now. If that is the case, I would say they're logic isn't wrong at all. If you can only tell their games are using upscaling by doing an indepth frame comparison then why not use it all the time?

Side note, It would have been great if they had that feature for Wildlands when that games released because that game basically looks just as good as some of their newer titles but it's still a very demanding game on any PC, and when it released I think a lot of people avoided it because of how demanding it was.
Yea, personally I like the 'console peasantry' upscalers. From the viewing distance from me to my TV I can't tell (I can if I move a lot closer), and it allows the PS4 Pro to look much better than it would without it.

Honestly surprised AMD hasn't brought the checkerboard-rending over to PC yet (at least, I can't imagine it would be that hard too, but I don't know anything about stuff like that!).
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